Priceless...Distinction through reinforcement of core values


Priceless has attained the trust of their pets and pet-parents alike, by being focused on QUALITY. The attention to the quality of their programs; the training and continued evaluation of their staff; and the constant evolution and maintenance of their facility combine to make Priceless the top in their field.

And Priceless strives every day to build on this level of QUALITY.


Priceless has earned the trust of pet-parents by practices like having the Priceless Owner, Randy DeGesero, on-site during most all business hours.  Vetting all incoming dogs for health, temperament and behavior to assure the best possible experience for animals and humans alike, contributes to that level of trust.  Priceless is licensed, insured and bonded…and goes well above the standards of operation required by law.

And Priceless works hard every day to maintain this level of TRUST.


Pet-parents expect their dog will be ‘cared’ for, but Priceless makes sure they are ‘CARED’ for.  Dogs are walked on rotating routes, including through Central Park, every three (3) hours, and their evacuations are notated and charted.  Schedules are maintained and recorded for feeding and any necessary medications. Pets roam free inside the facility, never caged, while being provided beds for rest and ‘houses’ for privacy at the dogs’ discretion. Pets are never left alone; the facility is staffed every minute a is dog present, including overnight.

And Priceless endeavors every day to provide this level of CARE.


Priceless has operated in NYC for over 10 years at their beautiful, convenient location on Central Park West. In a business that typically sees high employee turnover, Priceless retains the most dedicated and stable Team by offering training, a living wage and meaningful perks like a 401K; while their counterparts in competing local business often receive only minimum wage.  Priceless is not a franchise; not run by an off-site owner. Priceless Pet Services is a neighborhood business run by a local dog-whisperer-of-a-businessman, Randy DeGesero. 

And Priceless is here for you and YOUR priceless pet, 24/7/365…that’s STABILITY.